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Mechanical Design, Drafting, and Analysis

MachCAD offers a broad variety of Mechanical Engineering Design capabilities to bring ideas from concepts to manufacturable products. We have experience creating complete mechanical designs for products and we can refine existing products to meet new customer requirements. Our mechanical design engineering experience is with a variety of product categories, including Aircraft Design, Biomedical devices, Semiconductor equipment, and Military equipment.

MachCAD has skilled Professionals to meet your complete Product Development
needs. We have effective tools to ensure smooth product integration into production,
working with suppliers to ensure manufacturability of new designs are cost effective
and first articles can pass quality assurance efficiently for smooth product launch.

Mechanical Design Engineering Capabilities:

· 3D CAD Modeling with Part & Assembly Design

       - CAD Model Engineering to Ensure Parametric Stability
         & Robust Assembly Structures
· 3D Printing Capabilities
       - Fast Turnaround, High Resolution, Large Build Envelope
· Product Development
       - Prototyping of Mechanical Components
         & Develop Functional Products
· Mechanical Detail Drawings Per ASME Standards (Y14.5, etc)
       - Peer Reviewed Detail Component and Assembly Drawings
       - Interface Control and Source Control Drawings
· CAD File Conversion
       - Solidmodel Preparation for Machining or 3D Printing
· Material Selection
· Enclosure Design

· Work Instruction Development
· Mechanical Requirements Development
· Industrial Design
· Mechanism Design
· Testing and Design Verification
· Thermal Analysis (FEA)
· Structural Analysis (FEA)
· Life Cycle Analysis
· Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
· Parts and Assembly Documentation
· Product Data Management

MachCAD Engineering Services

Mechanical Design - Product Development - 3D CAD Modeling & Drafting
3D Printing - Finite Element Analysis - Industrial Design & Packaging

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